Our Patients Love Us

  • Alex A.
    "Before I met Mila I was depressed and in trouble. After a biking accident, I had started having pelvic floor tension. I saw doctors, physical therapists and acupuncturists all over the country for years. Nothing was working and the stress was only making things worse. Until my doctor introduced me to Mila. Mila has extensive experience treating men, has an almost sixth sense for trigger points, especially in the pelvic floor. She is a tremendous listener and works with you to come up with the right treatment plan. After so many failures, the anxiety I had about whether I was getting the right treatment immediately went away. Mila's treatment is the biggest reason I am able to live a healthy life again."

  • Samantha F.
    "Long after my head injury, I was still experiencing chronic headaches and was fortunate enough to be introduced to Mila. She helped my neck pain and headaches significantly and I always left feeling so much better (plus incredibly relaxed). In addition to her tremendous skills and wealth of knowledge, Mila is one of the most kind, thoughtful, and positive individuals I know. She will do anything for her patients and genuinely cares so much. I have seen lots of health practitioners throughout my concussion journey (including many different acupuncturists) and no one has been able to help me as much as Mila. She is one of a kind and anyone can benefit from her expertise."

  • Brandon G.
    "I am very physically active and work out regularly to stay in shape and be in good health. A year ago, during one of work outs I injured an abdominal muscle. I saw different therapists and nothing was helping and in fact it slowly started to get worse causing pelvic tension. I felt very lucky when I was referred to Mila because she explained to me what was happening to my body and made me feel at ease about my injury and outcome. She is also very honest and will refer you to another provider if she feels that's needed. I am very grateful to Mila for helping me resolve my pain and for making me feel very comfortable and heard during the process."

  • Lauren R.
    "Working with Mila through acupuncture for anxiety and depression truly changed my life. From the initial consultation, Mila was incredibly knowledgeable and took the time to listen and understand the symptoms I was experiencing. As we began sessions, she explained the whole process and made the entire experience relaxing and honestly quite enjoyable. For the first time in over a decade, I felt truly relaxed and at peace. It was an incredible feeling that really encouraged me to continue pursuing ways to be healthier and feel better. Over time, I felt my anxiety and depression symptoms (headaches, nausea, exhaustion, dizziness, and panic symptoms) start to fade away and become much more manageable between sessions. I trust Mila implicitly, and starting acupuncture is one of the best things I have ever done for myself."

  • Jason R.
    "I would highly recommend Mila for acupuncture or dry needling services. I had recently suffered issues with my rotator cuff from Crossfit which was hindering both my performance in the gym, and my abilities to perform activities of daily living. Lucky for me, I was able to have Mila provide dry needling. After the first session I had noticed a significant amount of improvement with my pain and it only got better from there. Mila was very professional and explained the needling process step by step. I felt extremely comfortable with each session and would recommend anyone to work with her."

  • Kara M.
    "As a physical therapist, I have referred countless patients to Mila. Every single patient has done amazing, owing to Mila's knowledge and skill set. I have also personally worked with Mila prior to having my daughter and her skill and level of expertise cannot be matched. I would highly recommend her!"

Yelp Reviews
  • Mary T.
    New York, NY
    "Dear Mila,
    We cannot thank you enough for your kindness, generosity, and expertise. You are truly a phenomenal acupuncturist and health care provider. My daughters adore you! It was exceptionally thoughtful and sweet of you to give us this gift of your amazing skills and warmth. With so many thanks."

  • Jodi M.
    New York, NY
    "Mila is a compassionate and kind acupuncturist who was instrumental in helping me resolve issues with chronic pelvic pain. I appreciated her extensive knowledge about essential oils which greatly complimented my acupuncture treatments. She is supportive and demonstrates an eagerness to help her clients achieve their goals."

  • Devin L.
    Sunnyside, NY
    "I came to Mila after going to multiple specialists and receiving expensive injections and other treatments to treat my chronic back and pelvic pain. I wish I found her sooner, as shortly after starting treatment I noticed an immediate improvement and with time and regular treatment it has continued to get better and better to the point where my life feels normal again. Simply put she has given me my life back!"

  • Andrew N.
    Northport, NY
    "Long after my concussion, I was experiencing persistent headaches and dizziness. My symptoms were impacting both my work and personal life, often altering my daily routine. Eventually, I was recommended to Mila. From the first session, she did an excellent job of explaining her process and making me feel comfortable. As we continued the treatment, I was able to slowly reintroduce activities that had previously caused symptoms. Today, I am largely symptom free and am able to enjoy life without limitations. Mila is knowledgeable in her craft, and just as importantly, kept a positive outlook throughout my recovery. I am grateful for her work and would highly recommend her to anyone experiencing post-concussion symptoms."

  • Yahul R.
    Long Island City, New York, NY
    "About over a year ago I suffered a concussion. I have been to numerous neurologists but no one was able to help with my symptoms. Even though many months passed, I still had headaches (I was one of those few people with zero headaches before this!), some neck issues and occasional dizziness. The worst of it was when I was spending time working in front of the computer. The prescribed gabapentin and other medications did not help me with my symptoms so I knew I had to look for other options. I have been very scared of anything that involved needles due to a childhood trauma so I was very hesitant when I was told I should try acupuncture. During my first session I told Mila about my fear and she was very understanding and accommodating. She took time to explain the procedure and ease any worries I might have. I have to say she really was patient considering my situation with needles but with each session it became easier. After a few weeks of treatment my symptoms all but disappeared. I was able to start working productively again with my computer. Considering my results as well as the expertise she displayed treating concussions, I think Mila Mintsis is the right person to go if you are suffering from similar symptoms."

  • Vitaliy S.
    San Francisco, CA
    "Mila was recommended to me by a friend. I was hesitant about acupuncture at first but decided to give it a shot when nothing else seemed to work. I had a hamstring injury that wouldn't go away for almost 3 months. Couldn't run and walking was even affected, which was a big issue for me as someone who worked out minimum 4 times a week. After 3 sessions and two and a half weeks later with Mila (though she thinks I waited longer), I was back on the treadmill jogging. Couple of weeks later now I'm back to doing sprints. Wish I went to her sooner. Very knowledgeable and gets down to the root of the issue. She extensively analyzes the history of an ailment and meticulously breaks down the plan for recovery. Highly recommended."

  • Kahli B.
    Manhattan, NY

    "This was my first experience with acupuncture and I will be back as soon as my insurance resets. I used acupuncture and cupping to assist with my chronic neck and back pain. Mila has a special touch, very delicate with handling the needles. I highly recommend this procedure."
  • Christopher B.
    Brooklyn, NY
    "I have been treating with Mila for about 2 years now, I am more than satisfied with her acupuncture services. She uses eastern medicine to obtain a better quality of life.
    I have suffered from a certain diagnoses and Mila gave me back ability to use my facial muscles again. I can smile, use a straw to drink again, and even blink my eyes look someone in the face and not have to worry about my appearance.
    She has helped me reconnected to the world again.
    Mila is very knowledgeable and I highly her as an acupuncturist to anyone."

  • Lea B.
    Northport, NY
    "Mila Mintsis is an extraordinary acupuncturist! Over the years I have been to over a dozen different acupuncture doctors and centers and she is definitely the best. She was able to do things that other acupuncturist just were not. She is intelligent, thorough, compassionate, caring, talented, very well trained, knowledgeable and effective! She was lovely to work with and I highly recommend this wonderful acupuncturist and wonderful human being!"

  • Erin D.
    New York, NY
    "Not one to pen a Yelp review, I've got to make an exception here for Mila. She is simply the best.
    With no direct experience in alternative medicine or acupuncture, I decided to give it a go. Physical Therapy was working but I had yet to find complete relief in my hip area after having surgery. I was referred to Mila by Pete at Dynamic Sports (he's fantastic!) and after only three sessions, I felt a world of difference. She's simply the best.
    Smart, attentive and caring Mila susses out what's working and what's not and her intention is always to relieve the pain. She doesn't rush you out and takes her time so you'll leave feeling listened to and also attended to.
    If you've never tried acupuncture but you're considering it, I encourage you to give it a try- with Mila. You'll soon pen your own glowing review."

  • Run D.
    New York, NY
    "Mila changed things for me with a calming and healing regime. As an experienced and highly skilled acupuncture practitioner she provides a welcomed boost to PT, with pain relief and reduction of scar tissue from wounds, for increased range of motion without medication.
    Her treatment was a cornerstone of collaborative sessions, it clearly ramped up recovery from a host of chronic injury and imbalances.
    Neck strain/ minor cervical fracture, lower back pain/ herniated disc with nerve root compression, headaches, hand injury--and a couple of years later returned for treatment after jaw reconstruction and had improved mid-face sensation, functionality, less stress, with a net effect of more restful sleep.
    Mila's gentle, mellifluous voice puts one at ease during each treatment. Her kindness and down to earth but knowledgeable perspective is also a boon to morale. She is reassuring when noting improvements and honest when identifying problem areas during regular sessions. Open to feedback, attentive and meticulous in her practice. Highly recommend giving it a try in connection with a rehab schedule or as a primary healing modality."

  • JDiablo V.
    Brooklyn, NY
    "I visited Mila for acupuncture, following a recommendation from my physical therapist (at Dynamic Sports PT). I had suffered a neck strain which led to eventual chronic tightness in my neck / shoulder girdle area and limited my neck and shoulder range of motion. This had been going on for over a month, and it seemed there was no clear end in sight.
    I had 3 appointments with Mila to treat this condition, and I experienced continual improvement following each visit. Mila was able to calm and relax to tricky muscles in this region, and I'm now back to activity as usual!
    Definitely recommended! Super helpful especially if, as in my case, you need help with injury recovery, chronic tension that's impeding healing, or muscle over-activity causing joint pain and limitation. Thanks very much, Mila!"

  • Joseph D.
    Spring Valley, NY
    "Mila is an excellent acupuncturist. Her expertise with both acupuncture and cupping was very helpful in my recovery process. Suffering with migraines due to post concussion syndrome, I was advised to try acupuncture and Mila came highly recommended. Having never experienced acupuncture before I was sceptical. Mila made the entire process relatable and I believe that much of the relief I've experienced directly correlates to the treatment."
  • Ashley L.
    Manhattan, New York, NY
    "Mila is AMAZING! I had a severe concussion, with a recovery period of 10 months. I started acupuncture with Mila in month 8, and it helped me turn the corner. It changed everything for me. Mila uses acupuncture and cupping on me, and the combined results are excellent. I am the kind of person who holds stress in their upper back, and weekly or biweekly treatments helped me get myself back. Highly highly recommend."
  • Tony C.
    Chicago, IL
    "I worked with Mila for a few months for hip and back pain that I've had for quite some time. I was pretty skeptical trying acupuncture (recommended by my physical therapist), but I was running out of options. I truly wish I went to Mila earlier as her care helped immensely. She is very good at what she does. The environment is calming and relaxing. The care is top notch.
    If you are considering acupuncture, go to Mila. She's terrific!"
  • Debbie M.
    Franklin Lakes, NJ
    "I have chronic back issues. Mila is a gifted acupuncturist. She understands my not so great explanations of my aches and after treatment they disappear. I am committed to maintaining a pain control/pain free life by checking in with her on a regular basis."

  • Gil S.
    Brooklyn, NY
    "Mila was vital in helping with my sinuses so I recovered nasal breathing ! She was also essential in my recovery from tennis elbow and neuroma. Also, had great advice for health maintenance in general."

  • Deni I.
    Mountain View, CA
    "Mila is a wonderful acupuncturist! I have had several sessions with her for issues ranging from back pain to insomnia and she helped me tremendously. She is a great listener and very professional and friendly. I referred other people to her as well and they were all extremely satisfied."
  • Arlen B.
    Manhattan, NY
    "I have had a lot of acupuncture done in the past but nothing has been even half as effective as Mila's treatment for pain. Her approach to sports acupuncture brings immediate relief for me. Her recommendations for nutrition and supplements have been very effective as well. I will never go to anyone else for acupuncture. She is simply the best."
  • Suza S.
    Manhattan, NY
    "Mila is the best acupuncturist I have ever gone to for body work. I had severe Plantar Fasciitis, and her treatments helped me tremendously. Unfortunately, by the time I found Mila my foot was in very bad shape, but she was able to help heal my foot. Now, whenever I notice any muscle pain that lasts longer than a couple days I make an appointment with Mila for acupuncture. I can't say enough good things about her work, she is a healer in the truest sense of the word."
  • Adam F.
    Manhattan, NY
    "Mila's acupuncture treatments have been very successful helping me recover from soft-tissue and muscle overuse injuries. I look to push myself and improve every time I work out. With that comes muscle fatigue and muscle overuse injuries. Acupuncture has helped me move forward, heal and stay active. If you have a deep muscle injury, tweaks, or pulls you should definitely consider acupuncture treatments by Mila."
  • Ellen K.
    Manhattan, NY
    "As a result of brain surgery 5 years ago I was rendered with extreme left side weakness and neuropathy. Since working with Mila I have seen a remarkable "reawakening" of my foot and leg. She is exceptionally knowledgeable, compassionate and professional. I have had acupuncture treatments with others throughout the last 5 years and have had nowhere near the success I'm having through Mila. She has genuinely changed the quality of my life. Mila's gifts and talents are truly a gift to me. She has become an irreplaceable part of my world."
  • Connor W.
    Berkeley, CA
    "My favorite acupuncturist I've had. Mila's acupuncture has made a life changing difference for me. With certain techniques she healed my sprained ankle 90% in one session! As well as significantly helping an injured rotator cuff, wrist, and alleviating chronic knee pain I've had for decades. I have also received acupuncture from her that has helped with my anger, headaches, anxiety, and excessive sweating. I am awed by the range of things acupuncture can help with, and how Mila seems to know it all and then some. I have a lot of confidence in her skills and knowledge. I've refereed both family and friends to her, whom have all been extremely pleased to have seen her. Couldn't ask for better."
  • Elana S.
    Manhattan, NY
    "My favorite acupuncturist I've had. Mila's acupuncture has made a life changing difference for me. With certain techniques she healed my sprained ankle 90% in one session! As well as significantly helping an injured rotator cuff, wrist, and alleviating chronic knee pain I've had for decades. I have also received acupuncture from her that has helped with my anger, headaches, anxiety, and excessive sweating. I am awed by the range of things acupuncture can help with, and how Mila seems to know it all and then some. I have a lot of confidence in her skills and knowledge. I've refereed both family and friends to her, whom have all been extremely pleased to have seen her. Couldn't ask for better."
  • Paola C.
    Manhattan, NY
    "When I started acupuncture with Mila I had a Lot of problems, neck pain, beck pain, arm pain and a lot of stress .
    Mila fixed all my problems. She is professional, nice, polite, sweet and probably " magic ".
    I recommended Mila to all my friends and all of them are so happy about Mila's treatment!
    Mila actually changed my life!"
  • Rachel M.
    Manhattan, NY
    "This is acupuncture like you've never had! I suggest booking 2 sessions in one week for chronic muscle tightness... And magic will unfold! I love acupuncture in general but Mila has outstanding experience with the muscle tightness and injuries.

    Don't delay! Go!"
  • Daniel Uribe
    Manhattan, NY
    "Cannot speak highly enough of Mila. Have seen her on and off over the course of several years for various issues (back, knee, etc.) and without fail, I feel better each time. Incredibly attentive and caring and able to assess / identify problem areas to help for an array of ailments. Would highly recommend her to anyone."
  • Seana B.
    Astoria, NY
    "Mila is an extremely talented acupuncturist who has helped me recover from various injuries that PT alone was unable to correct. Her efforts helped move the "needle" (heh, see what I did there?) on a particularly stubborn case of planters fasciitis and a shoulder problem that seemed to be a puzzling combination of factors rather than a discrete, treatable diagnosis.
    Through working with Mila, I've also discovered how effective acupuncture is at mitigating issues I previously relied on massage to fix. By needling trigger points, Mila has made incredibly persistent and painful knots release, and has provided me with long-sought relief and relaxation.
    On top of all, Mila is friendly, professional, and caring. I recommend her highly!"
  • Anita N.
    Brooklyn, NY
    "I started going to Mila due to ongoing lower back and hip pain that PT alone couldn't fix. I had never had acupuncture done before so Mila was very patient and calm with me, explaining the whole process from start to finish during my first treatment. After just one session the pain subsided to a level that I had not experienced in months. After 4 treatments my back and hip pain were completely gone. After being in pain for so long it really did feel like a miracle! I've been going to visit her regularly now for the last few months as I'm finding the treatment beneficial in other ways such a stress release and muscle tightness. I've been recommending Mila to everyone I know."
  • Teri V.
    Secaucus, NJ
    "The only experience I've ever had with acupuncture is with Mila. She has been treating me for a year for a hip labral tear and the results are tremendous. I was going for physical therapy and was recommended to see Mila by my therapist after vacillating over having surgery. The deep relief I began to feel was significant. My trouble is lifting my leg to the point of getting in and out of the bath, the bed, putting on pants, etc...it's extremely frustrating to experience resistance trying to do these simple tasks, and Mila's treatments of needling and cupping really loosened up the muscles and enabled me to do these things more easily. What a relief it is to begin to feel like yourself again and without surgery! I am so thankful for Mila and highly recommend her services."
  • Reed M.
    Brooklyn, NY
    "When I first met Mila, I had been suffering from chronic chest/rib pain for months. Combined with my PT program, she was able to completely resolve my pain within 2 months. Mila's mastery of acupuncture was obvious from our first session. She is especially adept at explaining the process and science behind the practice to those new to acupuncture (like myself). Her treatments were both soothing and rapidly effective. I could not recommend her more highly."
  • Andrea W.
    Miami Beach, FL
    "Mila is a great acupuncturist. She has helped me in conjunction with rehab get over my hip surgery and any other small issues I have along the way. She has a warm heart and is encouraging and I would not have recovered so well from my hip surgery without her!"
Google Reviews
  • Adam Star
    8/17/2021 ★★★★
    "Mila has been phenomenal ever since I started seeing her this year. I have had acupuncture done numerous times in the past, but never felt that it helped my symptoms for both chronic back and pelvic pain. I have seen both immediate and continuous progress with Mila on both the back and pelvic areas. Mila is incredibly holistic and thoughtful in her approach, providing numerous suggestions and tips to incorporate in our day-to-day activities as well. Would highly recommend."
  • Danielle Ravitzki
    9/1/2021 ★★★
    "Mila... How can I even start? Not only did she practically save my life, she's also intelligent, and truly cares about her patients. I truly feel like I am protected when I am with her, and my back pain is significantly better. She's smart, professional, and truly caring. I HIGHLY recommend Mila!"
  • Tyler L
    9/14/2021 ★★★
    "I cannot recommend Mila enough for anyone dealing with pelvic pain. When I first saw Mila I was in a state of near constant pain and have now gotten to a point where I am basically pain free. Mila is always encouraging and supportive and gave me the belief that this could ultimately get better. She was able to work with me and listen to my symptoms and responses to help find the right spots to pinpoint and treat. She even helped suggest tips to manage my symptoms at home and at work. I can't thank Mila enough for all her work and truly feel as though she has given me my life back."
  • Casey Wong
    9/22/2021 ★★★
    "I first started treatment with Mila in the fall of 2019, about a year after 2018 hip surgery. My recovery during my first year after surgery saw less improvements than expected. Within 8 weeks of seeing her, she was able to address a lot of chronic post surgery tightness and help me rapidly improve. She is knowledgeable and experienced enough to treat her patients as well as show them how different joint/muscle issues are connected. Once she made me aware of the relationship between my injuries, she help with correcting them and integrating these improvements so I can return to fully functional movement. I'm very active, so I've gotten hurt a few times and returned to her since. With her guidance I'm able to get better and avoid the same mistakes in the future. She's really good at assessing the severity of injuries and bringing relief. I recommend her to all."
  • Elana Straus
    10/3/2021 ★★★
    "Mila is an exceptional acupuncturist and incredibly caring person. I hurt my neck carrying a heavy bag several years ago. I saw a number of doctors, tried injections, and went to PT for months. Nothing helped. Then I started seeing Mila and she was the only person who was able to relieve my pain. You get the immediate feeling from Mila that she truly cares about helping people feel better. She will adjust her technique based on your response to the previous visit. I am so grateful that I found Mila! I don't know how I would have gotten through the past few years without her. I no longer live in the city and I still come in to see her."
  • Vivian M
    9/12/2021 ★★★
    "I'm someone who's very athletically active both professionally and personally, and I'm terrible at rest, recovery, and therapy. If something's sore or tight, I usually insist it will get better its own...which works up to a point. So when I do go to see Mila, it's a great treat for me and my body. I tend to have a lot of muscular tightness issues that need release, and Mila goes after the problem areas very aggressively since she's not only great at her job, but understands I'm the stubborn kind of person who's inevitably going to wait too long to come back. She provides a combination of massage, cupping, and needling that's both relaxing and intense, and is just excellent."